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Why Delta Whitetails Hi-Pro Fast Track ?

Unfortunately nature's ability to provide adequate nutrition on a yearly basis to the white-tailed deer is sometimes short due to weather conditions and environmental stress on deer, during times such as growth, rutting, and fawning seasons. Supplemental feeding makes up for what nature may lack and allows the white-tail deer the ability to meet its genetic potential. At Delta Whitetail we provide a high quality feed that meets the needs of the different seasons and stress cycles through out the year. We never change the formula or use least cost systems as other companies, which means consistent utilization and a high quality feed that will produce consistent results. Our feeds are run mostly on a “at order” basis, which means that your feed is milled when you place the order and in turn you are receiving the freshest feed in the industry that has not been warehoused for months at a time.



Results are the ultimate reason for undergoing a quality supplemental feeding program. With Delta Whitetail Hi-Pro products, results are what we deliver. By utilizing Hi-Pro Fast Track, you will bring out the genetic make up of your herd and see an increase in antler size as well as overall body weights. Customers that have been feeding Hi-Pro Fast Track have experienced results of up to 35% antler increases in there 3 ½ year old bucks and body weight increases of up to 25%. You can also expect larger fawn birth weights as well as larger yearlings due to the higher than average lactation rates of your does. Larger healthier fawns return larger healthier bucks at maturity.

Supplemental Pellets

Delta Whitetail Hi-Pro Fast Track pellets offers the consumer the most bang for his buck. At Delta Whitetail, we use top quality feed stuffs that insures  a top quality feed. You will find no filler products in Hi-Pro Fast Track. We combine both whole grains and by-product feed stuffs to maximize protein, energy, and fiber utilization. The Hi-Pro line is designed to be fed free choice to free range or enclosed  operations that obtain adequate forages such as browse and forbs. This enabled us to formulate an adequate fiber level and a higher energy level to meet the energy needs that nature often lacks. We use multiple protein sources to ensure adequate rumen-degradable and un-degradable (bypass) protein levels, which increases blood flow to the developing antlers and provides essential amino acids for increased antler production, reproduction, and growth. Our Hi-Pro Fast Track pellets are totally fortified with both micro and  macro minerals. We provide a desirable level of calcium  and  phosphorus, two key minerals that play an important role in antler development, growth, and reproduction. The micro mineral portion of the feed is both of a sulfated and a chelated source. This ensures proper absorption in the intestinal tract of the animal, thus ensuring you are getting your dollars worth.



Energy is an important nutrient throughout the year and is one of the most limiting nutrients in the high stress summer and winter months. High energy diets help put muscle and fat back on the animal during stressful times such as drought, rutting season and fawning for does. High energy diets in correlation with adequate protein and mineral levels will help improve body condition and weight on bucks. And there is a direct correlation between body size and antler production. "The bigger the buck the bigger the antlers."


Utilizing Minerals

Minerals play a great importance in the every day life of an animal, from the first days of that animals' life, to full maturity. Minerals and vitamins are needed for growth, digestive functions, reproduction, temperature regulation, respiratory and blood circulation functions, immune response, as well as antler growth and various other functions associated with life. Minerals primarily consist of macro and micro minerals. Delta Whitetail’s Hi-Pro product provides those minerals as well as key vitamins that are essential in the life of any animal. Although you may be providing mineral and vitamins in your supplement pellets, at certain times of the year you may not be providing enough. By feeding Delta Whitetails Hi-Pro you will be ensured that your herd is receiving proper levels of these minerals and vitamins throughout the entire year. During antler growing season calcium, phosphorus, sodium,  and trace amounts of zinc  are important in antler growth (mass, length, and strength). Hi-Pro is a free choice feed fortified with the proper mineral levels designed to meet those needs. It was also designed to fit practically any management plan. Below are some of the macro, micro minerals,  and vitamins  and their importance in the process of life.


Importance of Macro minerals


-bone and teeth formation, 99% of body calcium is in the bones and teeth

-milk production

-antler composition



-bone and teeth formation, 80% of body phosphorus is in the bones and teeth -as a component of protein in soft tissue

-milk production

 -reproduction performance

-antler composition


Sodium and chlorine

-formation of digestive juices

-nervous system function

-necessary for many enzyme systems



-serves as an electrolyte

-necessary for rumen digestion

-neuro muscular activity



-immune function

-antler composition



-synthesis of keratin for hair and elastic tissue

-iron absorption

-muscle coordination

-bone metabolism

-important for various enzyme systems



-reproductive performance and development

-fetal development

-udder development

-skeletal development



-rumen synthesis of vitamin B12



-hemoglobin production

-essential for oxygen transport and utilization



-Vitamin E absorption and utilization

-immune function

-reproductive fertility

-muscle development



Vitamin A


-bone formation

-essential for health of the epithelial cells


Vitamin D

-primary function in calcium and phosphorus metabolism

-plays a major role in growth and strength of the skeletal system



Vitamin E

-acts as an antioxidant, which promotes immune function


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